30 years of experience in Quality Custom Extruded Plastics  remain PBS’s foundation for continued growth

Barrington, NH

Since 1992, PBS Plastics has serviced the country with its quality, custom extruded plastics. According to company President, Andy Salach, PBS Plastics specializes in precision, custom engineered plastic profiles, plastic tubing, and plastic pipe. “We take pride in our ability to design complex plastic extrusions and plastic profiles. Fortunately, we’ve been able to improve efficiency and ultimately lower the cost for our clients.” However, Mr. Salach also reports that PBS Plastics plans to make ongoing improvements to the company’s processes when it comes to custom plastic extrusions, allowing the company to offer customers across the country an enhanced level of service and efficiency.

According to Mr. Salach, PBS Plastics features a unique multi-line operation. This enables the company to produce both small and large sized custom plastic extrusions to meet even the most detailed custom manufacturing needs for its clients. “We’ve become increasingly diverse when it comes to our extruded plastic profile capabilities, ranging from co-extrusion, small or large sized plastic profiles, a number of shapes, and ¼” extruded profile to 6” extruded profiles. These capabilities will also continue to expand as we roll out various improvements in the future.”

PBS Plastics boasts many capabilities for extruded plastic tubing, and extruded plastic pipe. The company also states that it can extrude most thermoplastics and thermoplastic rubbers. Mr. Salach says, PBS Plastics works with a large and growing number of materials within its customizable extrusion services, from Acrylic Plexiglass®, Cellulose Propionate, Polycarbonate Lexan® Makrolon® Calibre®, and Rigid PVC.

As Mr. Salach explains, PBS Plastics’ high level of adaptability and ongoing additions to the Barrington, NH based company’s manufacturing facility, allow it to provide a number options to its clients when it comes to their plastic extrusion and manufacturing needs. Especially when considering the challenging economic climate, Mr. Salach says, “With the improvements we’ve made to various processes, we’ve set ourselves up to provide what our clients need at a competitive price – which is the name of the game when industries across the country are doing everything they can to save more. Fortunately, the many facility improvements we’ve made and the many we plan to make allow us to do that without sacrificing quality.”