Multi-Lumen Tubing

Multi-Lumen Tubing

Extruded tubing with numerous lumens, or passages, allows engineers to push the creative envelope and expand their product capabilities.

A “lumen” in this context is a channel within a tube. This term is typically associated with a measurement of light and the word “lumen” means “light” in Latin. Lumen took on this meaning of a passage in a medical context because when the hollow or tube of an organ is cut crosswise, light shines through.

Lumens within a continuous tube may have different sizes and shapes providing versatility to industrial processes or medical applications. For example, in a medical device, a multi-lumen tube could provide side-by-side flow of liquid and air reducing the need for numerous tubing connections. Multi-lumen tubing in surgical applications enables the delivery and use of instruments facilitating less invasive procedures. Dual-lumen airway devices allow blind insertion for patients in respiratory distress in emergency medical situations.

Examples of applications for plastic multi-lumen tubing include:

  • Medical – catheters, surgical tubing – access ports or channels and delivery and evacuation systems, fluid transfer; drug atomizing devices
  • Electronics – insulated cable systems; audio cables;
  • Food Processing industry – multiple fluid transfer; package filling

PBS manufactures multi-lumen tubing with tight tolerances and nearly limitless combinations of shapes and thicknesses. We welcome your R&D challenges with deep process knowledge and personalized, accessible service. Our employees take personal pride in every stage of the production process. From suggesting production improvements to active participation in peer-to-peer mentoring, PBS is a company that cares. We are proud to call our employees the best of the best.


GLOSSARY: A lumen is a passage or a channel within a tube. Multi-Lumen Tubing is created as a single tube with multiple lumens running throughout the inside diameter of the tube. These inner lumens can vary in size, shape, material, and wall thickness.