“PBS Plastics opened up their facilities to us in our time of need during an R&D project. We greatly appreciate the attention, time and efforts that management and their entire team provided this project. The team we worked with is a large selling point for PBS Plastics and certainly does the company proud. They were a pleasure to work with, and a model for what all suppliers should strive for.”

– Design Engineer, Global Producer of engineered, high-performance polymer products

“From a service standpoint I cannot find fault with PBS. They are just very good and very thorough. Our parts are all to spec and there’s nothing to do or worry about.”

– Purchasing Manager, Major awnings manufacturer

“Great Company to work with”

– Dan Kenner, Owner, Accudyne Corporation

“I find PBS Plastics to be a very reliable, professional and customer focused company to work
with. The limited number of issues has been dealt with swiftly”

– Mark Corsino, Purchasing Manager, Andover Healthcare, Inc.

“Seamless experience working with PBS Plastics. We appreciate that you work with us on the
development process, and of course the day to day business always works as expected”

– Brett Maxwell, Purchasing Analyst, Concept 2, Inc

“Cheer Pack is not a house-hold name, but our products can be found in virtually every household in America. We supply our pouches and plastic caps to the largest food brands in the world for use with well-known food products. PBS Plastics supplied plastic rails which must meet exacting dimensional and cleanliness requirements with no room for error. PBS achieved this and:

  • Always worked with us during our peaks and slow-downs, adjusting to our schedule as needed
  • Scored well as an on-time supplier (we have tight, measured standards) and were willing to keep 1-2 months of finished goods on their floor
  • Customer service was as responsive as they were professional
  • Products were strong and reliable, and we had many turns in our system
  • Responded to, owned, and most importantly corrected quality issues that were discovered early on

We recommend PBS Plastics as a supplier and expect you will find, as we did, that they do an admirable job. We are glad to have partnered with PBS Plastics and recommend them to any business needing their products.”

– Cheer Pack North America, Buyer/Planner Manager and Senior Customer Quality Specialist

“It goes a long way when you call up and they are always so willing to help. We really do appreciate their loyalty and the excellent customer service.”

– Sales & Purchasing Director, Components for consumer products

“My choice happens to be PBS because I know the quality is going to be there, no matter the product we buy.”

– Purchasing Manager, Household Products Manufacturer

“PBS Plastics Makes us feel like we’re the number one customer”

– Gaspare Bianco, Senior Buyer, Flexicon

“PBS Plastics has always provided excellent service”

– Bob Evenson, Inside Sales, National Filter Media

“A pleasure doing business with PBS Plastics”

– David Stricker, President, Pfeil & Holing

“Great company who always delivers on time”

– Robert O’Donnell, Purchasing Manager, Saferack Manufacturing

“I’ve been working with PBS for over eight years. The customer service that I receive is excellent and the whole team is great to deal with!”

– Sales & Purchasing Director, Long-term customer

“The PBS team is great to work with. We know we can count on them to deliver quality tubing on time, every time.”

– Materials Manager, Medical Device Assembly

“The one word I would use to describe PBS is quality. They’re on top of things.”

– Owner, Office products manufacturer

“PBS Plastics is a valued supplier that continues to meet or exceed our quality, service and
delivery expectations. Any Problems or concerns that inherently occur within the
supply/values chain are addressed and remedied without delay. We are proud to have a
partnership with PBS Plastics”

– Gus Stucke, Purchasing/Inventory & Logistics Manager, Solmetex

“Cutting parts to length at no extra charge is a great help”

– Tom Hart, Owner, Spinball Sports

“I had an order that needed to ship before PBS closed for the holiday and the PBS team got it
done. Very much appreciated”

– Angie Schlotthauer, Account Coordinator, TricoroBraun

“The team did a great job overseeing the process, and were reachable and accommodating if we had to change schedules. We were very pleased with their oversight and attention to detail.”

– R&D Manager, New Customer

“Service is certainly very good from them, and it borders on great. But quality – these are classy guys, and their product is something that emanates from the top down. Everything they send us is impeccable.”

– Purchasing Manager, Outdoor products

“A couple of quality issues did not allow me to enter a 5 of 5, only a 4, but follow up and
resolve of those issues was a 5. Thanks to PBS for all the help and for accommodating
requests as timely as possible”

– Jeffrey Guill, Make Planner, Worthington Cylinders

“Continues to be a super vendor”

– Karen Brady, Materials Supervisor, Pentair

“Of all the components and materials required for the project you are supplying tubing for,
I’ve had the least concerns with your products. Overall, PBS Plastics has done a terrific job
(especially with keeping up with our aggressive deadlines). Thanks for your efforts”

– Randy Belisle, Project Engineer, Dielectrics

“You made us feel very comfortable even from that first phone call, and you have gone out of your way to be flexible and patient with our somewhat crazy timetable.”

– Satisfied Customer