About Medical Extrusions

Medical Extrusions

PBS Plastics has experienced substantial growth in our business with the Medical Device and Biopharma industries thanks to our depth of manufacturing experience and our specialized customer service. Our medical plastic products are essential components of fluid delivery systems, catheters, surgical devices, advanced medical tubing, lab and analytical devices, medical and pharma filtration, and more.

Flexible Options and Precise Standards

All medical-grade plastic tubing applications are not the same. That’s why we approach each project openly with an arsenal of flexible options that push beyond the typical tubing manufacturer’s approach.

PBS offers environmentally controlled white room, multi-line production not only for the typical small diameters but for a larger range in tube size often difficult to find meeting medical tubing specifications. Our medical plastic products process is exact and meant to ensure that we always meet standards.

Due to our in-depth, hands-on knowledge of the process and close, strategic relationships with equipment and material suppliers, we offer tighter tolerances and quality control than most medical plastic extruders.

Meeting R&D Challenges

With our responsive and innovative team, we tackle new materials without hesitation. At PBS Plastics, we aim for perfection when we’re creating our medical plastic tubing. A creative team of problem-solvers oversees every product on each line, ensuring we consistently deliver the highest quality product with the most value.

You hear people use the phrase “the art of extrusion.” We believe there is an art to extruding plastic tubing and profiles, but we also know that scientific influences define the standard for an impeccable product.

Ask us to solve your medical tubing problems and rely on us for precision and on-time delivery.

Medical Extrusions Styles:

Below are  general categories for the wide variety of plastic medical tubing and parts that PBS offers. We always meet your custom specifications but these general types of products used in medical devices, products and processes will help guide you. More detail for each category can be found on our Medical Styles page.

Medical Coextrusion

In many real-world scenarios, a single polymer cannot meet all demands for an application. When multiple plastics are combined, the result can yield properties distinct from and more versatile than those of a single material.

PBS utilizes coextrusion to optimize the combination of a wide range of properties of separate materials such as oxygen permeability, strength, stiffness, and wear resistance; or to simply form together separate colors.

Multi-lumen Medical Tubing

This advance in tubing technology and the available, complex geometries help make surgical devices that are minimally invasive and multi-tasking. For instance, micro-diameter tubing makes it possible to flush a catheter and inflate a balloon within one device.

PBS manufactures multi-lumen tubing with tight tolerances and nearly limitless combinations of shapes and thicknesses.

TPE Medical Tubing

While TPE bears a striking resemblance to the flexibility of rubber, its superb chemical, electrical and mechanical properties create ideal solutions for many industrial applications. TPEs have a tacky, rubbery feel, making them ideal for applications requiring a certain grip level, even while wet.

PBS ships TPE product to the appliance, automotive, construction, electrical, food and beverage, home and garden, medical and electronics industries.

Medical Tubing

PBS extrudes custom, medical-grade tubing with a wide variety of options to meet your specific needs:

  • Tolerances as low as +/- 0.0015”
  • Wall thicknesses to your exact specifications and as low as 0.008”
  • Tubing diameters starting at 0.125”


For more detail on the product categories above, View Medical Styles.