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PBS Plastics is a custom manufacturer of extruded plastic tubing and parts. Our plastic runs through every industry including industrial and medical. We can custom extrude plastic tubing to suit any need that your business might have. We can extrude using many types of different plastics and other materials. If you do not see the material that you want on our materials list, let us know and we can obtain it for use. We’ll custom make your tubing order.  As part of your process, packaging or end product, PBS extruded plastic tubing and profiles are durable, innovative and precise.

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Learn more about custom extrusions for products and applications in any industry

State of the art production lines to meet stringent medical specifications

Personal attention to each order enables us to meet complex requirements and recommend cost-saving efficiencies to make your job easier.

We have capacity to hit the critical lead times you need.

Flexible and responsive service defines how we operate.

We leverage our 50+ years of experience to make getting your medical and industrial plastic extrusion parts a simple process, while offering you innovative options to ensure the best product to fit your needs.

Highlight Material: NORYL™


PBS Plastics is pleased to offer custom tubing and profiles extruded from NORYL™. Beneficial characteristics of NORYL™ include, low mold-shrinkage, low water absorption, excellent dimensional stability and…