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Ranging from basic to complex shapes and utilizing exotic materials, extruded plastic profiles are extremely versatile to fulfill a wide variety of applications. We find plastic profiles nearly everywhere in our modern world, from the automotive and food packaging industries to sporting goods and swimming pools, department stores, offices, and the military.

Industrial Profiles

Essentially, any extruded shape that is not flat and thin (like film or sheets) is a profile. Plastic piping or tubing typically refers to round shapes, while the term “profile” refers to the practically limitless configurations that can be designed to fit a particular purpose. Profiles can be extruded as hollow or solid intricate shapes or open configurations. Also, extruded, continuous profiles can be cut to desired length enabling high capacity production of parts that are various lengths with the same basic shape.

Below are some specific examples of extruded plastic profiles by industry:

Bumpers, door seals, edge trim

Food Packaging
Reclosable bags, process racks

Home Décor
Fixtures for shades, carpet borders

Office Products
Presentation folder bindings

Lawn and paver edging

Trim pieces and cable routers

In-floor lighting, seat clips

Furring strips, weatherstripping

As mentioned above, plastic profile design is typically custom-designed for the application. In order to meet that need, PBS Plastics has an experienced team of creative plastic extrusion experts who are motivated and passionate about taking on new and challenging R&D projects.

GLOSSARY: Creates a shaped, non-circular product with a wide variety of configurations, including solid as well as hollow forms.