Plastic piping runs through practically every industry. We find plastic extruded pipe used in structures for plumbing and HVAC systems, in water and filtration systems, in a wide range of manufacturing processes, for infrastructure such as streets, highways, bridges, drainage, wire and cable delivery… and the list goes on.

PBS Plastics meets this broad demand with a multi-line operation extruding pipe from 0.25” up to 6” in diameter in a wide variety of materials. See our Materials listing to review typical plastics. We are always open to working with new materials.

Specific applications of plastic piping include:

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Pipe
Chemical distribution and drainage, water and wastewater treatment, service piping, irrigation systems, waste collection, cores, corrosive fluid transfer

Polyethylene Pipe
Natural gas distribution, water filtration, cores

Polypropylene Pipe
Plumbing and HVAC systems, water and wastewater treatment, water filtration, cores, highway delineators

Polycarbonate Pipe
Clear and tough alternative to glass, lightsabers, birdfeeders, water filtration

Polystyrene Pipe
Insulation, cores

At PBS Plastics, we meet your volume supply needs, while maintaining personalized, transparent customer service. The PBS brand promise stands on the pillars of reliable products, consistent value, competitive pricing, and superior customer service.