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coextruded lumber strap

Coextruded lumber strap in use

Recently, a high quality lumber supplier, Abenaki Timber Corporation, came to us with an issue to solve. They needed extruded polypropylene profiles to be used as lumber pile reinforcements. The purpose of the plastic profile is to strengthen the stacking in containers being shipped overseas.

Initial testing of the requested product proved that an extruded profile made of solely polypropylene would be too slippery. The lack of friction allowed the load of heavy lumber to shift more easily rather than strengthening the stack.

TPE strips

On the right is a cross-section of the continuous profile on the left showing the TPE strips coextruded near the four corners of the polypropylene profile.

Our team did some brainstorming and came up with a coextruded solution to meet the performance needs of the application.  Along with the base profile, we coextruded four Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) strips, placing two on the top of the extruded profile and two on the bottom of the extruded profile to add friction and grip. These innovative, coextruded TPE strips act successfully as a grasp to keep the load from shifting.

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